Welcome to FNZ Connect


FNZ Connect is the ultimate Open Finance solution. Combining data, payments and multi-channel distribution opportunities for your digital application. At the centre is FNZ Platform & API, a single integration point for your Application to securely connect to financial accounts across a range of different Account Servicers and different access control models.

This documentation will support you in setting up your Application on the Developer Portal and connecting to the Open Finance API. Of course if you have any questions at any time please reach out via the dedicated support channels.


What Services Does FNZ Connect Provide?

Create an account in the FNZ Connect Sandbox to start exploring the services available.

Check out our API spec here.


OpenAPI 3.0 Specification

Download our OpenAPI 3.0 Specification in YAML or JSON format.

Data & Distribution via Partner App Stores

Connect to selected investment platforms (see our integrated Account Servicers) where your Application's End-Users also have accounts. Retrieve the data they have permission to and that is related to your Application's use case.

Expand the reach of your Application and attract new End-Users by partnering with our platform partners to market your Application on their platform via dedicated shop front, think platform specific App Store. Take advantage of easy to integrate solutions like Sign in with FNZ Connect to make it easier for new users to sign up for your Application.

For more details please see our guide to the App Store.

Open Finance Data

Access personal finance data with the consent of your Application's End-User. Depending on your Application's use case(s) you might be restricted in the Account Servicers you can access.

See our Open Finance Data guide for more details.


Using Tapico's payment initiation solution, TapiPay, you can initiate a bank transfer from within your Application. Bypassing expensive card networks and maintaining a sleek user experience that is safe and speedy. Ensuring that you receive your End-User's funds as expected.

Tapico is a regulated Payment Initiation Servicer Provider (FRN 920524).

See our TapiPay guide for more details.