Listen for system events relating to your integration and trigger behaviour in your application

The Basics

Webhooks allow your Application to receive information about events relating to your integration as they occur. They provide a more responsive and more scalable alternative to polling (periodically checking) for updates.

Webhook notifications (events) are pushed to your application with JSON payloads via HTTPS.

Use Cases

Webhooks are useful for use cases that involve performing some action in response to asynchronous events, for example:

  • Fetching Open Finance data in the background after a user has confirmed access consent.
  • Updating your system once a payment instruction has been authorised and dispatched to the user's bank.
  • Responding programmatically to FNZ platform lifecycle events as a platform provider.

Webhook Types

Depending on whether you are using Open Finance OR FNZ OpenPlatform Webhooks, the mechanisms for configuring and consuming them can vary.

For further information see the detailed documentation on each type:

What’s Next

Learn more about the different types of webhooks: