Consent Types


The data that your Application can retrieve from an Account Servicer is all dependent on consentTypes.

What is a ConsentType?

A consentType is a particular scope that represents the data attributes you are asking your End-User to consent to sharing with you. This can be configured against your Application on the consent page in the Tapico Developer Portal.


ConsentTypes can be configured via the Consents page on the Tapico Developer Portal

Available consentTypes

ConsentTypes ultimately limit the API endpoints your Application will have access to. Below is a mapping of ConsentTypes to API Endpoints.

ConsentTypeDescriptionAPI Endpoints
ReadAccountsAccount names, number and types/accounts
ReadBalancesAccount balances and holdings/accounts/{accountId}/holdings
ReadExternalAccountsExternal Account information registered at the Account Servicer. Including external bank accounts that are the source or recipient of funds/external-accounts
ReadBeneficiariesDetails of trusted beneficiaries set up against a payment account/accounts/{accountId}/beneficiaries
ReadPartyContact details of individuals linked to an account as held by the Account Servicer. Can include names, phone numbers, emails and physical addresses/customers
ReadTransactionsAmount, date, type, and a description of a transaction against an account/accounts/{accountId}/transactions
ReadDocumentsDocuments held by the Account Servicer. Including but not limited to cash statements, valuation reports etc/customers/{customerId}/documents
ReadAgentsAccount servicing agents and organisations registered at the Account Servicer/servicing-agents
WritePaymentsAbility to initiate a payment against a payment account/payment-instructions


Can I edit the consentTypes I am requesting?

Yes you can, however data associated with any newly added consentType will not be available to the API endpoints until a new consent journey is completed.