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Attach more users to your Application by distributing it through multiple Tapico platform partners

In addition to being able to retrieve data from multiple Account ServicersAccount Servicers - The entity that holds the account(s) that contains your end-user's account information, e.g. a bank like Natwest or a financial institution like Aviva. Tapico facilitates the connection between your application and the account servicer. Tapico offers your Application a means of distribution via the same Account Servicers. This is facilitated by a 'white labelled App Store', that Tapico provides to selected Account Servicers. This acts as a shop front that sits alongside the Account Servicer's core proposition that displays all of the third party Apps, including your Application, that are integrated with the Account Servicer. End-Users from the Account Servicer's proposition can then discover and sign up for your Application via their Account Servicer's App Store.

Review the documentation in this section to see if signing up for Tapico partner App Store program is right for you and the steps involved.


Tapico Open Finance Platform - Data & Distribution via Tapico's white labelled App Store.Tapico Open Finance Platform - Data & Distribution via Tapico's white labelled App Store.

Tapico Open Finance Platform - Data & Distribution via Tapico's white labelled App Store.


Benefits of the Tapico partner App Store program

  1. Tapico partners with leading Investment and Wealth Platforms, starting in the UK but soon to expand to other jurisdictions. If your Application is targeting the same End-Users you will want to make your Application ubiquitous throughout the market.

  2. A tight integration, data sharing and single sign on (SSO), between your Application and partner Account Servicers will create better user experiences for your End-Users. In turn creating a competitive advantage for your Application.

  3. Using the Tapico Open Finance Platform removes the need for multiple integrations. Tapico remains the single integration point for multiple partner App Stores.

Who can join a Tapico Partner App Store?

Partner App Stores are open to applications that provide relevant use case for Tapico's eco-system of Account Servicers. Focusing on financial services, if your Application covers of the use cases below reach out to
[email protected] we'd love to hear from you.

Targeted Use Cases

Below are some examples of the use cases our partner Account Servicer's are looking for:

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Fact finding
  • Risk Profiling
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Capacity for lose
  • Portfolio Discovery
  • Portfolio Analysis & Insights
  • Smart Research
  • Reg & Compliance Support Tools

Minimum Security Requirements

As well as having a relevant use case your Application most met a set of minimum security requirements.


Getting Started with the App Store

Here is a dedicated guide, Getting Started with the App Store to get you setup for the App Store.


App Store Specific Features

There are same features that are specific to the App Store service that can be configured on the Tapico Developer Portal. We have created individual guides to help you understand and set them up.

  1. Pricing your Application
  2. Adding Contextual Deep Linking
  3. Adding Pre-Signed URLs

What’s Next

Follow our dedicated guide to get setup on the App Store

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