Webhook Events

The table below gives descriptions for each of the webhook events your application can currently subscribe to.

Account Access Consent

Webhook events that are related to the account-access-consent endpoint.

Event - Account Access ConsentDescription
AccountAccessConsent.ApprovedThe account-access-consent request has been approved by the end-user with their account servicer. Now you can request account information.
AccountAccessConsent.DataFetchedData has been refreshed from the account servicer's system and is available via the relevant Tapico API endpoint.
AccountAccessConsent.RevokedThe end user will always have the ability to revoke the consent. If this happens you will no longer have access to the user's data set. The end-user will have to give their consent again to restore access for your app.
AccountAccessConsent.ReconfirmationRequiredThe account-access-consent needs to be reconfirmed in order to continue pulling data from the account servicer's system. This webhook will be triggered daily starting daysBeforeExpirationNotification days before the expiryDate, until the reconfirmation takes place and a new expiry date will be set.

Payment Instruction

Webhook events that are related to the payment-instruction endpoint.

Event - Payment InstructionDescription
PaymentInstruction.DispatchedThe payment-instruction has been approved by the end-user and dispatched to the account servicer for execution.
PaymentInstruction.FailedThe payment-instruction has failed.
PaymentInstruction.RejectedThe payment-instruction has been rejected by the account servicer.