Consent Journey - TapiPay

End-User consent is required to initiate a payment


Initiating payments and subsequently retrieving details about them functions in a similar way to gaining consent to retrieve an End-User bank data.

A payment instruction must first be setup via our API, and then consent must be gained from the End-User to make the payment via our Consent Journey.


Account Servicer Support

Payment Initiations can only be performed in cases when the Account Servicer supports it.

1. Create a Payment Instruction

/payment-instructions POST body example

  "amount": 100.0,
  "currency": "GBP",
  "creditorAccount": {
    "name": "account name",
    "agentIdentifier": {
      "identifierType": "SortCode",
      "identifier": "123456"
    "accountIdentifier": {
      "identifierType": "AccountNumber",
      "identifier": "11223344"
  "endToEndIdentification": "19384737",
  "remitterReference": "AB123567"

/payment-instructions POST response example

  "data": [
      "accountServicerId": null,
      "accountServicerPaymentId": null,
      "amount": {
        "instrumentId": "GBP",
        "quantity": 100.0
      "creditorAccount": {
        "accountIdentifier": {
          "identifier": "b20e4a55acfb3cddd388f47549527390",
          "identifierType": "AccountNumber"
        "agentIdentifier": {
          "identifier": "0750990fb7015c646e04578f9da04073",
          "identifierType": "SortCode"
        "name": "account name"
      "endToEndIdentification": "19384737",
      "externalCustomerId": null,
      "instructionId": "894d48e7-2b5f-474a-ba34-fbe0df322397",
      "paymentMethod": null,
      "redirectUri": "",
      "remittanceInformation": null,
      "remitterReference": "AB123567",
      "status": "AwaitingAuthorisation"
  "meta": {
    "correlationId": "a8e627d1-0a16-e67b-0db6-311bf6eb5ca3"

Create a payment instruction by making a POST request to the /payment-instructions endpoint. The mandatory fields required to create a basic payment are as follows:

amountnumberPayment amount
currencystringPayment currency in ISO 4217 format
creditorAccount.namestringDestination bank account name
creditorAccount.agentIdentifier.identifierstringIdentifier for the bank where the destination account is located
creditorAccount.agentIdentifier.identifierTypestringThe type of identifier for the bank
creditorAccount.accountIdentifier.identifierstringIdentifier for the destination bank account
creditorAccount.accountIdentifier.identifierTypestringThe type of identifier for the bank account
endToEndIdentificationstringUnique identifier assigned by the initiating party to unambiguously identify the transaction
remitterReferencestringpayment reference provided by the creditor, or the party initiating the payment on their behalf.

2. Redirect your End-User to the "redirectUri".

Redirecting your End-User to the redirectUri will launch the default Consent Flow for a Payment Initiation.


Account Servicer Selection Screen for Payment Initiation

3. Review Payment & Capture Consent

Once the Account Servicer has been selected the End-User is asked to review the payment instruction and give their consent to submit the payment instruction to their select Account Servicer.


Payment Instruction Review & Consent Capture Screen

4. The End-User is redirected to the Account servicer's authentication prompt

Redirect Options

The default Consent Flow comes with two redirect options for the End-User.

1. Redirect to web-portal - If the End-User selects submit they will be redirected to the Account Servicer's web portal where the End-User will login via existing process as defined by that Account Servicer.

2. Redirect to mobile app - The End-User has the option to scan the presented QR using the camera on their mobile device to open the Account Servicer's mobile app.


Redirect to mobile app - nice to knows

1. What if your Application is already a mobile app?

The default Consent Flow UX is responsive. Therefore if your Application is a mobile app the QR code will not be presented and we are smart enough to know to try and redirect to an Account Servicer's App on the End-User's device first.

2. What if the Account Servicer selected does not have a mobile app?

We will redirect to the Account Servicer's portal if no mobile app is found on the End-User's device.

Depending on the Account Servicer the End-User may be asked to select which specific account to make the payment from.


Default Payment Success Screen