Access Data

Now with the End-User's consent you can access their data on their behalf


Your End-User has now granted consent to access their account information held with a specific Account Servicer on their behalf.

Which API Endpoints can you call?

The API Endpoints that are now available to retrieve data from are linked to the consentTypes that were consented to under the Consent Journey.

ConsentTypes provides a complete list of the configurable consent types and how there map back to specific API Endpoints.

How do you call them?

All of the consent restricted endpoints must be accessed in the context of an Authorising-User. You will see throughout our API Reference Spec that the ID of the Authorising-user you want to retrieve data about must be supplied as a parameter in the path of the URI:


You can find the list of Authorising-Users associated with your Application by calling:


What’s Next

Now that you have the base App Store integration sorted why not checkout some of the extra features that can make your Application standout on an App Store.