Error Codes

Discover the error codes that could be returned when using the API

We use the HTTP response status codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

Status code range:

  • 2xx codes indicate success i.e. Your API request worked as expected.
  • 4xx codes indicate that there is an error due to the information provided i.e Your API request is missing a parameter.
  • 5xx codes indicate that there is an issue with our servers i.e. Your request never reached FNZ due to this error.

Below is a list of error code and a brief description.

Error Code Types


Error CodeDescription
400 malformed_requestThere is a formatting error in the body of your request.
400 account_servicer_not_linkedYour request is passing through an accountServicerId that your Application is not linked to. Request a link to the Account Servicer in the Developer Portal and wait for approval before trying again.
400 region_mismatchThe region in your token does not match the region for the accountServicerId. See the regions guide for more details.
400 missing_parameterYour request is missing the applicationId in the request body.
400 path_body_mismatchThe path Id does not match the request body Id.
400 invalid_valueA request parameter is an invalid value.
400 version_mismatchThe version in the header is unsupported.
401 unauthorized_documentsDocuments requested via the /documents endpoint cannot be returned from the Account Servicer's system.
401 invalid_tokenYour token is invalid.
403 forbiddenAction is forbidden.
403 invalid_regionThe region passed through does not exist. See the regions guide for more details.
403 forbidden_resourceYour application is not permissioned to access a particular resource. Update the consent types for your application in the FNZ Developer Portal. See the consent types guide for more details.
403 invalid_scopeThe scope of the jwt is invalid.
403 forbidden_applicationThe authorisingUser is not permissioned to the application.
404 resource_not_foundThe Id of the entity e.g. customer, account, document etc passed through in the request cannot be found.
406 not_acceptableRequest is not acceptable.
409 conflictRequest has caused a conflict e.g. A duplicate instruction has been received.
410 gone_or_expiredaccount-access-consent has expired or been revoked by the end-user.
412 precondition_failedA precondition to the request has not be met.
415 unsupported_media_typeMedia type that is being uploaded is unsupported.
422 validation_failedA validation failure. A dynamic message will be returned with details of the actually validation failure.
422 page_max_limit_exceededThe max pagination limit has been exceeded.
429 rate_limitAPI rate limit has been exceeded.
500 server_errorThere is an internal error with FNZ.