Payment Statuses

Understanding the status of your payment


The status of a payment that has been requested via TapiPay is divided into two. First there is the status of the payment instruction. Secondly there is the status of the actual payment as executed by the bank.

Payment Instruction Status

The instructionStatus refers to the status of the request that has been made to the Account Servicer / Bank to execute a payment. The value of this status changes depending on where in the cycle the payment is.

PendingA payment instruction has been requested. No acknowledgement from the Account Servicer have been received yet.
FailedA payment instruction has been requested but the authorisation flow has failed
AcceptedA payment instruction has been requested and the End-User has consented with their Account Servicer to make the payment.

The actual status of the executed payment is covered by the isoStatus enum.
RejectedA payment instruction has been requested but it has either been rejected by the Account Servicer or the End-User as part of the authorisation process.

Payment Execution Status

The Account Servicer (bank) that executes the payment also returns a separate status that aligns to the ISO20022 defined payment statuses. These are returned under the isoStatus enum. The isoStatus can be updated as the payment progresses through the cycle. Not all Account Servicer's update the isoStatus to the final status.

isoStatus Hierarchy


isoStatus Hierarchy

isoStatus Descriptions

RejectedPayment instruction or individual transaction included in the payment initiation request has been rejected.
PendingThe payment is pending. isoStatus will update following subsequent checks.
AcceptedSettlementInProcessAll checks and validation has been completed. The payment is accepted for execution.
AcceptedSettlementCompletedSettlement on the debtor's account has been completed.
AcceptedWithoutPostingPayment instruction included in the credit transfer is accepted without being posted to the creditor's account.
AcceptedCreditSettlementCompletedSettlement on the creditor's account has been completed.