Security is at the core of everything we do.

We are cloud computing advocates and we recognise the level of responsibility that comes along with this space, especially within Financial Services. We have created a secure operating environment in line with industry best practices and we’ve put controls in place that you’d expect from any major financial institution.

We are ISO27001 certified and we believe that security is so important that we co-authored and open-sourced a security best practice spec which to help small, cloud first companies develop in a secure and scalable way.


Security Principles

Our Principles That Keep You In Control

Whether you're an Individual or and Agent using our technology, we use these principles to ensure you stay in control.

It's Your Data, Not Ours
We is the custodian of your data; we don't own it, you do. You decide what to share, how much to share, and who to share it with. We execute your instructions to help add value to you.

We Don't Sell Your Data
We move your data between your technology providers at your request. As soon as you tell us to stop, we do. Wen you tell us to stop we don't keep sending it to them and we don't sell it to other companies.

We Don't Have Your Login Details
When you tell us to share your data with another company, you might have to login to their system to confirm things. We never see those login details and we don't have access to them.

If you want more information or want to discuss security or privacy generally just reach out to us at [email protected]