Connect to the App Store

A getting started guide to the App Store


The guide below details how you can integrate your Application specifically for a Partner App Store.

Connect to the App Store

1. Create your Application on the Platform.

If you have not done so already you will need to create an Organisation, set up your Application on the Platform and obtain your client_id and client_secret. This is the first step for all integrations.

Details for each respective step can be found in the following pages:


App Store Specific Application Configuration

In the subsequent steps of this guide you might have to return to your Application's setup in the Developer Portal to add / edit particular configuration points. This will be called out in the relevant steps.


2. Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) between the App Store and your Application

The App Store provides a seamless user experience for the End-User between Applications and our partner Account Servicers.

End-Users of the Account Servicer platforms are presented with a branded App Store experience where they can discover and connect Applications. Various integrated UI jump-off points in the Account Servicer platforms allow a seamless hand-off of the End-User to your system.

The hand-off process will land the user on various locations on your Application, depending on the routes that you've configured for the Sign-Up URL and Contextual Deep Linking.

In all situations, you should initiate the SSO flow if they have not already authenticated with your Application.

For more details on how to implement this please see: Single Sign-on.


3. Obtain Consent to Access End-User Data

You must obtain consent from your Application's users before you can access their data stored on an Account Servicer's platform. Typically this is the first thing you should do for new users after they have authenticated with your Application via SSO.

You only need to go through this process once, after which you'll have access to your users data from the Account Servicer's platform up until the consent expires - When this happens you'll need to send your user back through the consent journey again.

Details on how to implement the App Store consent flow can be found here: Consent Journey - App Store.


4. Retrieve End-User Data

Now that you have consent you can retrieve data from the Account Servicer.

See our guide on how to Access Data.