FNZ maintains two separate environments for testing and production. Each have their own developer portal and base URL used in all subsequent API requests.

EnvironmentPurposeDev PortalBase URL
SandboxTesting and developing your Application. In the sandbox, FNZ has provided a select number of test Account Servicer with fake login credentials from which your Application can test all the Open Finance Endpoints.https://sandbox.tapico.io/ https://api.sandbox.tapico.io/
ProductionLive Applications with connections to real Account Servicers. Your Application will need to be approved by FNZ before it can be setup in production. Your Application's End-User will need to use their real login credentials with a connected Account Servicer to authenticate consent in order to retrieve data or make a payment. https://prod.tapico.io/https://api.prod.tapico.io/


Ready to go live in production?

When your are ready to go live in production please reach out to [email protected] and we'll get you sorted.