Overview - Open Finance Data

The Open Finance API is a single interface for accessing personal financial data from a variety of source systems such as banks, investment platforms and advice platforms. As well as underpinning the App Store service the same API can be accessed directly. Allowing you obtain End-User consent via a default Consent UX Flow and access data on your End-User's behalf for your specific use case.


OpenAPI 3.0 Specification

Download our OpenAPI 3.0 Specification in YAML or JSON format

Available Data

The Open Finance API gives your Application access to the following data for a connected account

  • Accounts - including account details name, numbers, balances and holdings
  • Beneficiaries - details of external accounts held with an account servicer
  • Customers - details of individuals linked to an account. Including names, numbers, emails and physical addresses
  • Transactions - details of any transactions made against an account
  • Documents - download any documents associated with the account


Please Note

FNZ uses an FCA regulated entity named Tapico to provide Account Information Services for your Application's use case. Your organisation's own regulatory permissions can influence how you can use the Open Finance API directly.

If you are interested in access the Open Finance API directly please reach out to [email protected] and we can organise a discussion.