Admin & Signposting Data Extract


Admin & Signposting data covers your pension schemes contact details. They are submitted to the Pension Dashboard Ecosystem in the advent of a Maybe Match.

Download - adminAndSignposting.csv


Admin & Signposting Data Extract - Relationship DiagramAdmin & Signposting Data Extract - Relationship Diagram

Admin & Signposting Data Extract - Relationship Diagram

Data Field Definitions

RecordType 1 (AdminDetails)

Column NameDescriptionFormat
RecordTypeRecord type indicator1
AdministratorNameName of the pension providerText
AdminContractPreferencecontact centre/email/postenum
AdministratorURLURL to pension provider's websiteText
AdministratorPostalNamePension provider postal address nameText
AdministratorAddressLine1Address line 1Text
AdministratorAddressLine2Address line 2Text
AdministratorAddressLine3Address line 3Text
AdministratorAddressLine4Address line 4Text
AdministratorAddressLine5Address line 5Text
AdministratorPostcodeAddress PostcodeText
AdministratorCountryCodeISO Country code for addressISO
CostAndChargesURLURL to pension costs and changes factsheetText
SIPURLURL to SIPP factsheetText
AnnualReportURLURL to pension provider annual reportText
StatePensionURLURL to state pension (if relevant)Text

RecordType 2 (AdminPhoneNumber)

Column NameDescriptionFormat
RecordTypeRecord type indicator2
AdministratorPhoneNumberPhone number of the pension providerNumber
AdministratorPhoneNumberTypeYour reference number for the accountText