Release - 14/06/2021

Release Overview

This release covers mostly bug fixes and a few new features.

Breaking Changes

Removed redundant enum values:

  • ConsentStatus → Removed AwaitingAuthorisation & Consumed
  • PaymentInstrumentStatus → Removed AwaitingAuthorisation & Consumed

Other Updates

App Store UI Changes:

  • Addition of the FAQ page.
  • Addition of a support page - If a user of the App Store has a query that is not covered under the FAQ page they can raise a ticket directly with Tapico via the support page embedded in the App Store UI.
  • Revoke Consent - A user of the App Store can revoke the consent of an App. This will set the Account-Access-Consent token to a status of revoked. Therefore the next time an App tries to call the Tapico API using that consentId an error will be returned.

Payments audit trail:

  • Any Open Banking Payment that is made via the Tapico API is now displayed as part of an audit trial under the Payments page in the Tapico developer portal.


  • Charts and table that monitor the usage of an upstream have been added to the developer portal under the Upstreams page.