Release - 12/11/2021

Release Overview

This release sees overall improvements in integration potential between Applications and Account Servicers to evolve and improve user journeys between the two.

New Features

Deep Links

  • Apps can now use Deep Links to send users to specific App URIs. A User can execute specific workflows, in context, between your App and their Account Servicer. See this Article for details.

Other updates

Payment Statuses

  • The Payment status field has now been split into two new fields. Our original status field will be retained for backwards compatibility as per our deprecation policy.
    • InstructionStatus - This tracks the status of Tapico’s instruction to the bank to initiate a payment.
    • ISOStatus - This tracks the status Tapico receives from the banks.


  • In preparation for our production launch of Account Servicer connections outside the UK, we are making changes to ensure data transferred between Applications and Account Servicers is executed in the appropriate geographic regions.
    • Added optional Region header to all endpoints.