Release - 07/10/2021

Release Overview

In addition to the usual bug fixes and minor enhancements. This release introduces App Store pricing and agent identity functionality.

Breaking Changes

  • We have removed support for IE11.

Other Updates

GET/authorising-users → Identities

  • Added expand parameter called identities . Allows the authorising-user entity to be linked to the servicing-agent and the subsequent servicing-organisation where applicable.

GET /instruments

  • Added citiCode attribute to payload.

App Store Pricing

  • Applications that are to be displayed on an App Store can now create a pricing schedule so that the subscription price to their applications can be displayed. See here for a tutorial on how to create a pricing schedule.

UX Improvements around adding a redirect URLs

  • To enable sign in with Tapico for your application you must add a Redirect URL. A toggle has been added to the Basic Details step of the Application creation / maintenance make it clear that a Redirect URL is required to facilitate sign in with Tapico.