New user group - Access Upstream & Service Pack Functionality

A user group has been added to the Tapico Platform to allow third parties, you guys, to access Upstream and Service Pack Functionality.

  • Upstreams - Connect your Application's existing APIs to the Tapico Platform to take advantage of Tapico's API management functionality. The Tapico integration platform powers numerous APIs including our own Open Wealth API and in order to support a more standards-based approach for such collaboration on a single integration platform, we have implemented Resource Indicators for OAuth 2.0[<>]. API Consumers can now signal the desired resource (Upstream/API), in addition to the scope, as part of their client credentials grant flow, ensuring robust ring-fencing of API resources.
  • Service Packs - Package our upstream(s) into a single offering, a Service Pack. Like Tapico's very own Open Wealth service pack. You choose who you publish your service pack to, a specific third party or all users of the Tapico Integration Platform and manage approvals.

For more information on how you can access Tapico's upstream and service pack functionality please contact [email protected].